Angels in Arms

“Superior Childcare Since 1988” Angels in Arms is sponsored by Blessed Trinity Church. Our mission is to provide a Christian environment where children of all faiths and nationalities will grow together and learn in a warm, caring, developmentally appropriate atmosphere. Studies have shown that a person’s personality and morals are determined by age five. This is why Angels in Arms is one of the most important ministries at Blessed Trinity.

Angels at a Glance

  • Open weekdays 7AM - 6PM
  • Located next to Blessed Trinity Church
  • Children 4 weeks to 5 years of age are welcome
  • Kindergarten readiness summer program
  • Three secure, age-appropriate playgrounds
  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum
  • Computer technology for all 2k, 3K and 4K classrooms
  • Degreed/credentialed teachers
  • Nutritious food program, including infant formula
  • Christian environment
  • Active parent involvement
  • Visitations welcomed
  • New facility constructed in 1996 with additional class room constucted in 2007


Teaching Philosophy

Our learning centers give children many opportunities to play, experiment and discover. Daily hands-on activities help the children master basic skills, practice problem solving and understand new concepts. Our facility has three sunny playgrounds where the children spend quality time playing and enjoying outside activities. Our staff members are nurturers, as well as teachers, and they encourage each child to explore their world and discover God’s beautiful creations.

Daily Schedules

Each age group of children has a daily schedule, which allows time for all children to participate in learning centers and group activities. The children are encouraged to explore their world by participating in structured, freestyle, creative, active, quiet, indoor and outdoor activities that range from simple to complex. Below is an example of a child’s daily schedule at Angels in Arms. • Arrival • Breakfast • Group Time/Music/Story Time • Language Arts/Library • Arts and Crafts • Morning Snack and Sharing Time • Drama/Blocks • Math/Science • Outside Play • Lunch • Rest/Nap • Small Manipulatives • Afternoon Snack and Sharing Time • Outside Play • Computer Time • Center Time/Group Time/Story Time • Free Choice • Prepare for Departure


We offer a well-balanced nutritional food program. We serve breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. Our menus are designed to include appropriate foods for our growing children. Included in our program are predetermined formulas for infants under the age of one.

Licensing & Staff

Angels in Arms is a state licensed childcare center. We maintain all of the policies and procedures required by the Department of Children and Families, as well as the Diocese of Orlando. Our teaching staff is comprised of early childhood educators who have obtained certificates or teaching degrees in the field of early childhood education and are certified in infant/toddler CPR and First Aid. Our staff attend monthly teacher’s meetings where they share information and ideas. Seminars and workshops are offered to them throughout the school year. Our teachers are encouraged to participate in organizations whose goals are to provide quality childcare to all children.

You're Invited!

Stewardship is part of our way of life and our Angels families donate their time and talents. We have an Advisory Board of elected parents who meet monthly with the School Administrator and Pastor to discuss issues of importance to the school. We are also fortunate to have a Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) which meets five times annually to share information and plan social events and fund raisers. Many parents are volunteers who help wherever needed. We encourage our parents to visit during the day and to participate in our activities. In leading by example, we are teaching our children the valuable lesson that we are stewards of the gifts God has given us. Participation in school events provides the opportunity to interact with teachers, other parents and the children. The school also participates in other charitable programs, such as Brothers Keeper food drives. Immense satisfaction is gained in knowing that what you do is for the benefit of the children and our community.

Computer Technology

Through the fundraising success of our PTO, new computers have been placed in each of the 2k, 3K and 4K classrooms. Use of the computers is fun and it also reinforces the concepts being taught in the curriculum.

Angels in Arms…

“The Place To Be!” We welcome your visits to our center and encourage you to call for a mutually convenient time to meet with the School Administrator, Jan Martin, who will take you on a tour where you will be able to visit the classrooms and meet the children and their teachers. Please call 622-6167 to schedule your appointment.